My journey as an artist has been a path of exploration and self-reflection, driven by my passion for understanding and expressing the intricate nature of human experience. With a Fine Art MA from The University of Brighton, I've harnessed creativity's power to delve into the complex world of internalised sexism. My artistic focus aims to dismantle these deeply ingrained narratives affecting women's lives.

Recently, my work earned a place in The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2023, offering a platform to showcase human intricacies and ignite conversations beyond my lens. Motivated by a commitment to expose hidden stories, amplifying unheard voices, my journey is ongoing.

My art infuses vitality into intimate spaces, where unnoticed grief and loss linger. Domestic scenes serve as a canvas to capture the deep emotions within. This voyage has led me to document not only spaces but also stories of artists navigating grief and loss. This shared exploration reveals emotions that transcend personal boundaries.


2019-2021 MA Fine Art, University of Brighton

2013-2016 BA HONS Fashion Promotion & Imagery, University of The Creative Arts

2012-2013 Foundation Diploma, Fine Art, University of The Creative Arts


13.06.2023, Summer Exhibition, Only Connect, Royal Academy of Arts

27.11.2021, Starting Space, The Photos Edge, Virtual Reality Exhibition

24.05.2021, Ventures into Perception #2, Residency, Dorset Place Gallery 

20.05.2021, HOME, Museum of Ordinary People, Phoenix Art Space 

22.02.2021, Ventures into Perception, online, Dorset Place Gallery 

27.10.2020, The New Black, Online, VoidCollective

31.07.2020, Isolation with Dementia, Online,Scopio Network

30.07.2020, Portraits of Self-Isolation,Vermont USA, PhotoPlace Gallery

02.06.2020, Picturing Lockdown, OnlineArchive, Historic England

26.05.2020, Lost in Isolation, Online,Void Collective

24.03.2020, 128 Elsewhere,@128elsewhere, Instagram

07.01.2020, Fragmented, University ofBrighton

Selected Lectures/Interviews

Introduction to The Publication, University of Brighton

Picturing Lockdown, BBC News

Historic England, BBC Radio Sussex

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